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Assuming that you already have installed WAMP server in your localhost.

Now follow the following simple steps.

1) Click on the WAMP icon from your task bar. Go to, Apache->Version. if you see your apache version is 2.2.19 or above, that means your server is compatible with PHP 5.4. if you see you have a lower version then go to Apache->Version-Get More. from there install a newer version of Apache.

2) Download the zipped PHP5.4 VC9 x86 Thread Safe from http://windows.php.net/qa/

3) Extract the zip to your wamp\bin\php\php5.4.0alpha1-VC9

4) From your older PHP versions directory ( ex.     wamp\bin\php\php5.*.*) copy the files named

– php.ini
– phpForApache.ini

and paste them to your new PHP5.4 installation directory

( wamp\bin\php\php5.4.0alpha1-VC9 )

5) Exit the the WAMP server and restart them.

You should see new PHP version (php5.4.0alpha1-VC9) on you wamp list ( PHP->Version )

6) From browser go to http://localhost/?phpinfo=1

At the top, see your PHP version:)